Do Not Go Gentle


Fortyfive Downstairs

Venue Fortyfive Downstairs

Written Patricia Cornelius

Directed Julian Meyrick

Lighting Design Richard Vabre

Sound Design/Composition Irene Vela

Cast Pamela Rabe, Anne Phelan, Malcolm Robertson, Terry Norris, Rhys McConnochie, Paul English, Jan Friedl

Photos Marg Horwell and Jeff Busby

Director Julian Meyrick makes great spatial use of the wonderful expanse of 45 Downstairs, here given an ominous Damoclean setting by Marg Horwell's stunning design of a collapsing roof.
The Age

Marg Howell's design exploits the wide space of Fortyfive Downstairs, using its windows beautifully: the stage is bare save for a collapsing ceiling at once end, baring it to be a space of imagination.
The Australian


Martin Ball, The Age
Liza Dezfouli, Australian Stage